2018 Mini Grant

Dear WSAA Directors, Members and Friends:

The Western Service Area Authority of Montana is pleased to announce an RFP (Request For Proposals) Grant Opportunity for our members.* The purpose of this funding is to encourage community-based mental health programs, projects, or activities that focus on recovery for adults with severely-disabling mental illness (SDMI), and adults with SDMI and co-occurring substance use disorders (SUD).
Please review the attached PDF document, “WSAA Grant ’18 Application” for full details. All deadline dates and requirements are clearly explained. As with all RFP funding, it is important that you understand and comply with the stated rules.
The Board intends for this to be a relatively easy process and educational in the experience of applying for grant funding. Applicants who submit the initial “Intent to Apply”, and who are interested, may request to see an example of a previous, successful application as a general guideline of how an application could be written.
Please contact the WSAA Secretary (preferably by email; address below) with any questions necessary to clarify the application process. Please include in the subject line: WSAA Grant.
**Email to notify of intent to apply is Friday March 23,2018
**Application submission is due Friday April 10, 2018
*Membership Requirements: At least 16 years old, reside in western Montana, and want to help make the mental health system in Montana more responsible to the needs of the people using the system. A simple form is available to enroll; membership is free.
******WSAA 2018 Grant Application******

The file is large, please give it a few minutes to load.